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Monster Manor Chapter Four: Kayo the Kitsune.

Even after the hunter was gone, Mark and Vesper remained motionless, not moving an inch from their position. It was several minutes before they dared to move. The hunter was long gone, for the time being.

“That hunter was unlike any I have encountered in my two hundred years of life.” Shaken, Mark said. “The liquid he splashed onto the vines was a powerful weed killer, not something one can buy at the local store.”

“He appears to have everything he needs for any encounter.” Darkly, Vesper hissed. “I doubt any one of us could take him alone with much success.” He sighed. “I suggest we keep the living house among the tree tops.”

Mark nodded. “I agree. I will ask the spirits to lower the house when it detects a lost soul. In the meantime, we should check the damage below from that explosion.”

Deep within the maze of caverns and tunnels, Viva and the kitsune saw the damage to the manor. In that moment, Cire walked through the large spike of limestone. Seeing Viva, he sighed, a look of disappointment on his face.

“Viva, what did you do?” Scolding, he demanded.

Viva pouted; she was sad, almost insulted that Cire blamed her right off the bat. She could not help it if the ground around her reacted to her emotions. “It wasn’t me!” Hurt, she blurted out. “A hunter threw a bomb down the entrance!”

“She’s telling the truth, sir.” Stepping forward, the Kitsune said. “He calls himself Morgan.” She bowed her head. “He has been after me for a few days now.”

Cecil gasped. “Kayo…?”

The kitsune looked at Cire more carefully then gasped as well, taking a single fearful step back. “That’s Cire the relentless!”

Cire winced then looked at the kitsune with tears in his eyes. “I am no longer the monster hunter I was, Kayo.” Sincerely, he said. “I have been dead for nearly ten years now; I don’t hunt monsters anymore, I protect them here in my manor.”

Viva turned between from Cire to Kayo, confused. “You two know each other?”

Cire and Kayo both nodded. “This is Kayo Nagasaki.” Sadly, Cire said. “She was the only monster, err person to ever escape me in my entire evil career.”

“He started hunting me after a chance meeting just outside the Aokigahara forest in my homeland of Japan.” Softly, Kayo said. “I finally lost him when I hid onboard a freighter that was just about so set sail to parts unknown.”

“What kind of forest?” Lost, Viva asked.

“A-o-ki-ga-ha-ra; it is better known as the suicide forest, Viva.” Calmly, Cire explained. “Compasses do not work in there and the trees are so tightly intertwined that hardly any daylight filters through.” He sighed. “It is acres of perpetual twilight where anyone can easily get lost and never find their way out.”

“It was my home.” Tearing up, Kayo said. “I had stepped out of the forest to see what the sun looked like.” She scowled at Cire. “That was when I first ran into him. He introduced himself then tried to hit me with a net fired from a strange rifle.”

“Why didn’t you run back into the forest?” Confused, Viva asked.

“I had caught her in the net.” Flatly, Cire said. “At first, I thought she was a fire type kitsune.” He smiled ruefully. “Only she turned out to be a lightning class; the electrified net was shorted out the moment it hit her.”

“He managed to drag me away from the forest to his van.” Now crying, Kayo said. “When he stopped to get gas, I escaped him but I was too far away from the forest to find my way back.”

“Where did you go after getting away from me?” Darkly curious, Cire asked. “I’m glad that you did today but I am still very curious to know.”

“We were near the docks.” Sadly, Kayo said. “I hid on board a cargo ship just as it was about to set sail.” She sniffed away a few tears. “I ended up being taken to the States where I hid myself in the forests and national parks.”

“That is where you met eventually ran into Morgan by chance.” Darkly, Cire guessed. “I knew him in life; he is as relentless as I was only he had taken it to an obsessive level.”

“What did you want from her?” Accusing, Viva asked.

“Please understand; I was a different person then.” Crying himself, Cire said. “I… wanted her fur.”

Kayo gasped in horror. “You called us monsters!?” Angry, she demanded. “How could you!?!?”

Cire bowed his head, shame clear on his face. “I do not blame you for your anger.” Softly, he said. “I can only beg for your forgiveness, Kayo Nagasaki.”

Viva sighed as she turned to Kayo. “He’s not a bad guy anymore.” Kindly, she explained. “He was killed defending a monster.” She smiled. “That’s why he is here instead of he- um, the bad place. He has to save as many as he had hurt to get into Heaven.”

Kayo let out a long sigh, looking at Cire who had hunted her away from her homeland so many years ago. Finally, she managed a weak smile. “I forgive you, Cire.” Softly, she said.

Cire bowed respectively. “I am grateful. Thank you.”

It was then Mark and Vesper arrived upon the scene. Kayo seemed fearful to set eyes upon Vesper but Viva gently touched her arm and smiled. After a few introductions, Mark inspected the damage to the manor. “It’s nothing serious, structurally speaking.” Calmly, he said. “However, we will need to find some wood, nails, and supplies to make the necessary repairs.”

“Um, I passed through an abandoned town several miles from here while running from Morgan.” Chiming in, Kayo said. “It was completely deserted; we might be able to find everything we need there without bumping into anyone.”

“That’s all well and good.” Frowning, Cire said. “Only how do we get rid of this big chunk of limestone?”

Viva smiled. “Let me try.”

She ran over to the stalactite; grunting with effort as she punched it with all her might. The huge spike of limestone cracked but it did not break.

“Let me try.” Stepping forward, Mark said.

He raised his hands, muttering something in his native language. Vines shot out of the ground and quickly wrapped itself around the limestone. They embedded themselves into the cracks, forcing them to open more.

“I think I can help.” Stepping up, Kayo said.

She raised he four tails over her head then snapped them together with their tips pointed right at the stalactite. A bolt of electricity fired forth, striking the limestone. With it being cracked and literally crushed, the blast shattered it into thousands of pieces. The entryway had been cleared but a mess remained to be cleaned up. Viva picked up one piece and sat down; happily munching on it. Vesper chuckled, seeing her knowing that rock golems literally ate rocks and soil.

“You know you will get too big if you eat a lot of that.” Smiling, Mark said. “You can have some but not all.”

Viva pouted then smiled as she stuck her tongue out at Mark. The group laughed before Cire spoke up. “I will clean this mess.” Kindly, he offered. “Kayo can show you to that abandoned town.”

“We will need to be cautious.” Serious, Vesper said. “We do not need to run into that hunter.”
Monster Manor Chapter Four
Here is chapter four. I hope you all enjoy it.
Monster Manor Chapter Three: The monster hunter.

Hours later, inside a small barren room, Viva slept peacefully on a small bed under cotton sheets, a tiny but bright grin on her face. From the darkened hall beyond the open door, Mark quietly watched her, smiling. He sighed sensing a presence behind him.

“Osda sv hiyei, Vesper.” Whispering, he said in his native language. “Do hi tsu?”

“Good morning to you too, Mark.” Quietly, Vesper replied. “I am fine, thank you. Or as you might say, Do hi quu.”

Mark chuckled. “Viva is resting comfortably, old friend.” Kindly, he said. “You need your rest.”

Vesper flashed his toothy grin then paused, looking upward. “There is someone approaching the entrance from the southwest.” Voicing concern, he announced. “It’s human with a dark aura.”

Mark frowned. Vesper could sense, see a person’s aura or life energy; it was how shadow demons hunted their prey. “I sense him as well.” Quietly, he muttered. “He is moving too slowly to be anyone exploring or passing through.”

“Let us investigate.” Floating down the hall, Vesper suggested. “It may be the one who destroyed the old house.”

“That would explain his slow and cautious movements.” Following, Mark said. “Only, we do this my way.”

Upon reaching the surface, inside the house of vines and trees, Mark carefully moved to a window and saw the strange man slowly approaching. He was tall wearing a blood stained dirty trench coat with an old wide brimmed hat. A poorly kept long beard covered a lot of his face. He carried a crossbow on his back, a gun at his side, and a large assortment of knives along with an ancient writing scroll with a hammer and some nails. Mark’s eyes narrowed as he spotted the stranger’s cold blue eyes, like ice. “This is a seasoned hunter.” Whispering, he announced. “He has returned to confirm his kill and perhaps claim a prize.”

“One taste of my breath and he won’t be able to move.” Angered, Vesper whispered. “Let me take him.”

Mark frowned. “No; we need to have a better idea of who we are dealing with, Vesper.” In a hushed voice, he commanded. “You sensed his dark aura; this hunter has experience.”

He then lifted a handful of soil from the ground and gently blew it into the wind, muttering what sounded like a prayer in his native language. Seconds later, the vines quickly moved lifting the living house high into the four trees, vanishing as it blended well with the thick forest canopy. On the ground, thick thorny vines covered the hole in the ground that led to the cave tunnels just before the strange man arrived at the scene.

Mark and Vesper watched carefully from high above while the man searched the area around the ruins. “He is searching for signs of any survivors.” Whispering carefully, Mark said. “A splatter of dried blood or tracks would be a dead giveaway.”
Vesper turned as he caught some movement and sighed. “That is not all this hunter is looking for.” Motioning to a clump of bushes, he said. “It seems he is on someone’s trail.”

Mark looked and saw what appeared to be a teenage girl hiding behind a large boulder. She had red hair with curious orange highlights that made it look much like fire with curious fox like ears protruding from the top of her head. She was dressed like any other teenage girl only she had four fox like tails. They twitched nervously as she crouched down behind the rock. The girl’s wild green eyes darted back and forth as she struggled to keep her breathing quiet. Mark sighed, seeing the panicked tears in her eyes. He began to wonder how he could help this child then saw that she was very close to the entrance.

“There is no use hiding, Kitsune.” Calmly, coldly, the man said. “It will only make the kill that much more enjoyable for me.”

Mark searched for an opening to save the girl from this hunter only, to his horror, the vines moved away from the entrance. Viva sleepily peeked out and spotted the girl. She in turn saw her and discretely pointed to the hunter. Seeing the man, Viva was jolted wide awake and she quickly grabbed the girl’s ankle. The kitsune let out a surprised yelp before she was pulled into the hole with vines quickly sealing it after her. The hunter heard the cry and immediately turned, firing a net from a strange gun. It opened and hit the ground before letting out powerful sparks.

Seeing that his net caught nothing, the man shook his head. “Damn!” He pulled the net away with a gloved hand and saw the heavy thorny vines. “Hello; what do we have here?”

The man reached for the vines only to jump back as the thorns grew longer in reaction to his proximity then returned to normal when he backed away. “It seems as if a Mandrake has shown some pity for my quarry.” He grunted. “No matter…”

He took a small bottle from a pouch, splashing its contents onto the vines. They quickly moved away, revealing the large hole in the ground. The man lit a flare torch and dropped it in; it fell several feet before hitting the rocky floor below. It was too far for a human to drop in; he would need to climb down with a rope but that did not seem to discourage him in the least.

He called out into the hole, “Run all you like, kitsune. I do not stop until I kill what I’m hunting.” He paused to search for a rock or tree to anchor his rope around. In doing so, he came across a large number of tracks in the soft ground. A hate filled growl echoed from his throat. “Those monsters survived…”

From above, Mark winced, knowing he had not thought to hide the tracks. Only Vesper was grinning. “Those tracks will lead him away from us.” Whispering, he hissed. “He will not likely return here anytime soon.”

Vesper’s grin vanished as the man called out, “You got lucky today, kitsune! I have some unfinished business to take care of but I will be back!” He pulled a small round device from another pouch and pressed a button on it. The device began to beep as he dropped it down the hole. “Here is a little present for you!”

The man then ran down the path, following the tracks. Below, Viva saw the device and immediately panicked. “It’s a bomb!” Taking the girl’s hand, she screamed. “Run!”

The two girls ran down a tunnel with Viva leading. The device exploded, shaking the cave tunnels. Inside the large cave, a sizable stalactite shook free and crashed down upon the house, badly damaging the entryway.
Monster Manor Chapter Three.
I apologize for the short chapter. I had borrowed one of :iconmikaandkuri: characters, Morgan the monster hunter. I needed his permission and approval as he is his character.
I hope you enjoy the chapter.
Monster Manor Chapter Two

A home of their own.

The inside of the house was old Victorian with a broad entry way with carpeted shelves for shoes on either side of a long oak built in closet to hang coats. Viva sat on a small, comfortable cushioned bench to remove her boots. Her feet were smooth with toenails that resembled flat rocks; all of them painted a light baby blue. Cecil gave her a questioning look.

“I- I found a bottle of this stuff at an empty camp site a few days ago.” Blushing, she explained. “Mark told me what it was and how he saw humans use it.” She smiled. “It made my toes look pretty so I kept it.”

Vesper gave a hiss like laugh, sounding much like a child’s cry then removed his own black boots. His feet were black and bony like his hands but otherwise human like. A dark mist surrounded his form as if he were trapped in a perpetual fog. Cecil noticed this; a look of concern showed on his face.

“You are not an ordinary shadow demon.” Flatly, he stated. “I take it you are not completely turned.”

Vesper grunted; throwing his hood back as he turned to Cecil. His entire body seemed to be literally burning with the way the mist radiated all around him. Only it was ice cold to the touch. With the hood down, his face showed through the mist. He had the appearance of an ordinary teenage boy only his entire head was pitch black and featureless. He had no nose or ears, just slits. His eyes were two smooth sockets where two glowing yellow orbs stared into Cecil’s ghostly form. There was no hair on his head, just a dark mist radiating from him. He opened his mouth, revealing rows of pearl white canine teeth.

“Shadow demons are like vampires only they feed on emotion and life energy.” Darkly, Vesper said. He gave an icy sigh. “I was almost completely drained by another shadow demon; the sunrise chased him away before he could finish the job.”

“He was drained enough to become one of them but not enough to think like them.” Serious, Mark said. “He has most of their powers but not all of them because he is not fully turned.”

Cecil nodded. “Be certain not to be drained of the rest of your humanity.” Serious, he warned. “Shadow demons only feel joy in others suffering.”

Vesper gave a low moan before pulling the hood back over his head, hiding in the dark mist that surrounded his body. Viva gave his leg a warm hug causing him to look down at her. She flashed a cute smile.

“You bring me joy, big brother.” Kindly, she said.

Vesper smiled, running his hand through the young rock golem’s hair. “You are too innocent for your own good.”

The four then moved from the entryway to the Foyer where they saw the rest of the house. The floor plan was fairly simple but still elegant. It was an open concept with the living room to the left, the kitchen to the right, and the dining hall ahead of them with a circular staircase to the second floor in the middle of it all, hidden in a large decorated pillar like many others holding up the ceiling.

“Welcome to your new home.” Smiling, Cecil said. “The bedrooms are on the second floor. The laundry is in the basement; the stairs are on the other side of the staircase pillar.”

“It’s beautiful.” Dreamy, Viva said. “Did you build this house?”

Cecil nodded, showing a hint of pride. “Even though I am, well, a ghost, I can still affect the physical world.” Smiling, he said. “It took me five years to build with what I could find in the maze of caves and even beyond.”

“That’s why the caves are so barren.” Softly, Vesper stated. “Every scrap of wood must have been used to build this manor.”

Cecil’s sighed, allowing his head to fall. “I had nothing better to do; I am banished into limbo because of the mistakes I had made in life.” Downhearted, he said. “My only chance to claim redemption is to save as many lives as I had destroyed.”

Mark managed a thin smile. “Well, you just saved three.”

Cecil raised his head, looking at Mark in surprise. He turned to Vesper who gave him a solemn nod then to Viva who smiled kindly. He let out a low, hiccup chuckle as if he were crying. “I am grateful; thank you.” He paused. “May I ask your story?”

Mark nodded. “I was born, or rather, grown this way in the dense forests many miles from here.” Sadly, he said. “I was separated from my grove by a forest fire started by reckless humans with no thought for the life around them.”

“My mom and dad were killed by humans.” Tearing up, Viva said. “I still have nightmares of the big booms and them falling to pieces right in front of me…”

She began to cry, pebbles falling from her eyes. She shook her hands as if to control something as the ground shook slightly under everyone’s feet. Vesper lowered his hood and knelt behind Viva before opening his mouth. He let out a deep breath, hitting and engulfing her with the dark mist before drawing it back in. Cecil could hear inhuman screams and muffled explosions from the mist he was drawing in from the young rock golem. Soon, she slumped to the floor asleep while he stood, replacing his hood.

“I feed on Viva’s nightmares.” Softly, he explained. “This way, she sleeps peacefully and I am well fed.”

“I’m sensing there is more to this.” Whispering, Cecil said. “Rock golems are known to grow to massive sizes and I do mean massive; Viva should be much taller than she is now.”

Mark nodded; motioning to Viva’s now sleeping form. “Viva wishes to remain as ‘human’ as possible to remain hidden from them.” Calmly, he said. “Vesper also feeds upon her magic, her life energy, keeping her small and undetectable.”

“This does not harm her life span, just her size.” Gruffly, Vesper added. “It is also what she wants.”

With that, he took Viva into his arms and stepped up to Cecil. “Please show us to the bedrooms. I believe Viva is ready to retire for the night.”

“You go on ahead, Vesper.” I need to hide the entrance and leave something for others like us to find.”

Cecil nodded then motioned to the stairs. “This way…”

Minutes later, on the surface; Mark dug his thorn like toes into the ground. As he did, he looked up at the sun just now rising in the east; softly singing a tune. “We n’ de ya ho. We n’ de ya ho. We n’ de ya ho ho ho ho…”

When he had finished singing, Mark reached his human like hand into the soft soil and brought a small hand full up to his face before blowing it into the morning wind. “Spirit of the forest, hear my plea.” Softly, he said. “Help me conceal the entrance to our new home with a beacon to help others find their way.”

At first, nothing happened. Then vines shot up from the ground around four trees that stood around the ruins. They intertwined, growing larger and stronger until what looked like the frame of a house stood between the four trees. Seeing that the spirits were answering his plea, Mark continued to sing.

“He ya ho He ya ho ya ya yaaa…”

Higher and higher, the vines grew as the trees grew branches, touching each other, forming floors and ceilings. The vines grew around the branches, connecting the four trees, creating doors and strengthening the branch made floors. Sap leaked from the branches and vines, hardening as they filled the window spaces, becoming rosin like glass.

When the task was completed, Mark pulled his feet out of the ground and smiled at the two story structure which he knew was already calling to him. “We are finally home.”
Monster Manor Chapter Two
Here is chapter two. I hope you enjoy it.
Looking at me at five, I miss those care free days. How can we ever get them back?
Viva and Vesper by Pseudowitch
Viva and Vesper
I had deleted this a while ago but only because I wanted to improve upon it.
Vesper, on the left, is a shadow demon. He feeds on people through their shadow and can take on any solid shape. Viva Vine is a rock young female rock golem.
I'm back from nearly two months of inactivity and I am eager to get back to several projects I had started so long ago. It will be slow moving however as I am still picking up the pieces.

Thank you to all who are still watching.
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