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The Orphan boy.

Tao was a kind hearted ten year old orphan boy who loved nature. He was fascinated by plants, animals, and even insects. Only he was shy and very small for his age. Most potential parents did not even seem to notice him. Other orphans at the center would tease him about his size and try to push him around only he was a scrapper when cornered; he could hold his own. The orphanage was surrounded by a tall hedge and rested near a large forest area that was home to many animals.

Tao would look out the window and stare into the woods for hours a day, just watching the animals as they peered back at him from the trees. It was a thrill to him, boring to others. Tao often wished he could live in the forests and have a family with the animals as no human seemed to want to adopt him.

On one fateful day, Tao saw two bullies from the orphanage terrorizing a kitten by forcing paper bags onto her feet and tying them into place with string while spraying water in her face each time she cried out. Tao rushed to the kitten’s aid, pushing over the first bully before pulling the poor cat away from the other and running away. The two bullies, not being through with their fun gave chase.

Tao jumped through a hole in the tall hedge, hoping to elude the bullies in the forest. He jumped behind a tree a few feet in and waited. His fast move payed off and the two boys kept running on the orphanage grounds. They taunted and threatened worse to him if he did not give them back the kitten. Eventually, they left in search of other means of amusement. Once they were gone, Tao sighed then turned to the kitten.

“Did those two hurt you?” Soothingly, he asked. “They can be real jerks sometimes.”

The kitten nodded, tears in her eyes. Tao was surprised she understood him but smiled kindly all the same. “Don’t worry; I’ll have these off of you in a minute.”

Tao proceeded to remove the paper bags from the kitten’s feet and gently rubbed them to make certain they were not injured. Once he was satisfied the kitten would okay, he released her. The kitten meowed then changed right before Tao’s eyes! She grew larger, her back paws turning into human like feet as she stood up with her front paws forming into four fingered hands. Her face remained cat like but formed the softness of a young girl!
“Nya; I thank you for rescuing me, kind human.” Softly, she said. “My name is Nina; what is your name?”

Stunned, Tao introduced himself then asked, “Are you a Kitsune?”

Nina nodded then turned to a much taller Kitsune with four tails approaching from the deeper in the forest. She smiled kindly at Tao who was too stunned to speak. “I often see you looking dreamily into the woods from the orphanage window, young one.” Calmly, she said. “I am Mia. You were very brave to come to my daughter’s aid despite your small size.”

“It was nothing really.” Shyly, Tao said. “Any good person would have done the same.” He sighed. “I have to get back to the orphanage; I need to stay there if I want to get adopted.”

“Mother, can we adopt him?” Hopefully, Nina asked.

Tao blushed as Mia looked at him, bemused. “He certainly has a good heart.” Musing, she said. “However, we will have to make a few changes so to make him feel like he fits in.”

“What changes?” Curious, Toa asked.

Mia smiled kindly before her four tails whipped up over her head and touched all touched at the tip. A white beam of energy fired from that point, hitting Tao in the chest. He cried out in surprise before he felt strange. White fur grew all over his body at an alarming rate. His ears moved up to the top of his head becoming cat like before his face began to feel tight. Tao looked at his hands in time to see his middle finger vanishing, leaving him with only four fingers.

“What- What is happening to me?!” Frightened, Tao demanded.

“You are being adopted, dear child.” Smiling, Mia replied. “Do not be afraid, it is almost over.”

Tao looked down at himself and blushed discovering that he was now wearing strange clothing made of wild cotton. He was in what looked like a skirt only there were shorts underneath and a blouse that fit loosely but comfortably. Mia smiled as the transformation had finished and took a small mirror out of the folds of her dress. “See the new you, Tao.” Kindly, she said. “You are now a part of the Kitsune family.”

Tao gazed into the mirror and smiled at his doll like cat face with large green eyes and a small pink nose. He then looked at his outfit and asked, “Meow; why am I wearing girl’s clothing?”

“That is human fashion.” Giggling, Mia said. “You will find that we Kitsune view things a bit differently.”

Then the two bullies from before entered the woods and spotted the three Kitsune. Mia turned to Tao. “Are these the two who bullied you, Nina?” Evenly, she asked.

Nina nodded with Tao nodding to confirm. Mia nodded back then turned to the two bullies who were already backing away, ready to run from the scene. Only Mia fired another shot from her four tails and the two boys shrank to less than half Tao and Nina’s size before picking them up as easily as one would a kitten. The boys were clearly terrified when she then asked her children, “Would you like to adopt two pets?”
The Orphan boy
This is my entry to :iconsassydragon18: TF stroy challenge. Here is the link.…

I hope you all enjoy it.
Monster Manor Chapter Seven: Meeting the others.

Michelle and Asher lead the group through the abandoned town to a building with a sign above three garage doors that read, ‘Barron’s Tire Distributors.’ Vesper gave an icy sigh upon seeing it and turned to Mark. “That is an interesting place to call home.” Softly, he remarked.

“No one would suspect it to be a lair for monsters or a haven for lost riches.” Whispering, Mark countered. “It is a most logical choice.”

The group entered through a service entrance to the main room of the warehouse to be greeted by a tall muscular boy with long dirty brown hair and tan skin. His wild brown eyes immediately locked onto the three new arrivals. He raised his hand, which had claw like fingernails, pointing at Mark and his group.

“Who are these four, Asher?” His tone was gruff but had a strong sense of concern. “Are they with you?”

“These four came into town searching for wood to repair their home, Mato.” Calmly, Asher explained. “They rather surprised us; we offered them some shelter as the sun will be rising soon.”

“We are not looking for anyone’s trust.” In a guarded tone, Mark said. “We are only seeking shelter until the sun sets again.”

He motioned to his group, introducing himself and the others. Vesper lowered his hood and nodded. Kayo gave a respectful bow in greeting while Viva gave a shy wave and stated, “H- Hi.”

Mato snorted. “We are stretched thin as it is.” Firmly, he said. “I imagine Naomi will let you stay until sun set; just don’t expect too much.”

“We can handle ourselves.” Nodding, Mark said. “Thank you for being honest with us. In return for your hospitality, I can help by showing you some farming techniques. A well diverse garden will keep food plentiful.”

Mato nodded back in response. “That will help.” More calmly, he said. “It’s my turn to be on patrol; we can talk more later on if Naomi allows you to stay.”

Mato walked past the group, giving the three a look of warning while Viva watched him. Once he was gone, she held back a giggle and turned to Vesper. “He’s more protective than you, big brother.” Smiling, she remarked.

A giggle from above moved everyone to look up. Standing in a large high window stood a short winged girl with wild brown feathery hair with white highlights. Her wings were brown and white with an impressive span and her eyes were a hypnotizing yellow that almost seem to glow in the dim light. She bent her yellow legs slightly and jumped from the window, revealing she had talons for feet. She flew over the group, doing a few circles and loops before landing in front of them, smiling.

“Wow…” Whispering, Viva said. She then hopped up and down, excitedly chanting, “Do it again! Do it again!”

As she hopped, the ground beneath her shook slightly until Mark gripped her shoulder. “Take it easy, Viva.” Smiling, he said. “You’re shaking the whole warehouse.”

Viva pouted, looking at the startled winged girl. “Sorry, I can’t help it.” Timidly, she said.

The girl smiled, though she still seemed a bit rattled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, kiddo!” Bowing, she said. “I’m Tori!  “Mato, who you just met, can be a little overly protective but that’s only because he cares.”

She paused seeing three feminine figures hurrying towards the small group. The first to reach them was what appeared to be a young Naga wearing a brown skirt and a white tank top. Viva noticed the girl had tan skin and dark hair making her appear Asian or far eastern in decent. Her slit pupil golden eyes were almost hypnotic and her muscular snake body was covered in beautiful emerald green scales.

“Is everyone okay?” Concerned, she asked. “We felt the ground shaking again a moment ago.”

“Everything is fine, Kate.” Evenly, Michelle said. “The shaking was caused by an excitable rock golem.” She motioned to Viva. “Apparently, the ground reacts to her emotions.”

Kate turned slightly pale eying Viva. “What is a baby rock golem doing way out here?” Concerned, she demanded. “Her parents will literally tear up the countryside looking for her!”

“I’m not a baby!” Annoyed, Viva protested. She blushed. “I’m just very small, that’s all.”

“She is an orphan child.” Comforting Viva, Kayo said. “She lost; we all lost our families because of monster hunters.”

Kate’s slit golden eyes narrowed as she focused upon Mark and Vesper. “Men…” Hissing, she whispered.

“I am a humanoid plant, thank you.” Calmly, Mark stated. “Male or female does not apply to me.” He motioned to his group. “I can assure you we are not here to cause trouble; we only want shelter for the day.”

Kate grunted. “Just keep your distance.”

The second girl arrived bare footed. She was short; wearing a tank-top and black skirt. She had long silvery blue hair and blue tainted skin covered in ancient markings. Mark guessed they were tattoos but wisely decided not to stare as Kate was watching his group closely. He focused on her mystifying silver eyes. “Did I hear you guys right?” Eyeing the four new arrivals, the girl asked. “You found some orphans?”

“This is Viva, Calypso.” Motioning to the rock golem, Annie said. “We sort of bumped into each other. Blushing, she added, “Abraham startled her and she screamed, causing the small quake; that was what made me scream.”

“It was completely on purpose.” Rolling his eyes, Abraham stated sarcastically. “I think she startled all of us more.”

“It is never a good idea to startle a rock golem, Abraham.” Approaching the group, the third girl said. “Even the children have the strength of ten human men or more.” She turned to Viva, her stern look melting into a kind smile. “Hello, little one; I am Naomi. What brings you to our little town?”

Viva turned to Naomi; she was tall and muscular with dark navy blue skin. She had short black hair, fin like ears, and deep ocean blue eyes. She wore a purple blouse, knee length shorts, and black ankle high boots. Seeing Viva’s hesitation, Naomi smiled before offering her a shiny rock from a nearby shelf. Tori gasped and was about to protest only she stopped, surprised as Viva took a bite of it and grinned as she chewed. “Quartz Crystal; it’s my favorite!” Happily, she stated. “Thank you!”

“You are welcome, young one.” Giggling, Naomi said. She knelt down to Viva’s level. “Now, can you tell me what brings you to our little town?”

Between bites, Viva explained their situation as best she could. Mark helped by interjecting here and there, introducing the members their group and briefly explaining Viva’s encounter with the Monster Club. After taking it all in, Naomi turned to Abraham with a bemused look. “Your ribs are likely going to be sore in the morning.” Calmly, she said. “I have some herbal ointment that will help.”

“The sun is beginning to rise.” Serious, Asher stated. “I need to get some sleep.” He turned to Vesper. “I’ll show you a quiet place you can rest until sundown.”

“Thank you kindly but we have our own means.” Smiling Mark said. He turned to Vesper who nodded. “You know how to surface when the sun sets; have a good rest.”

Mark began to chant in his native language as vines slowly shot out of the ground, surrounding Vesper. He did not struggle as the vines twisted around his body. Soon, he was completely covered within a vine cocoon which slowly buried itself into the ground leaving a small patch of black reeds as a marker.

The others watched with mixed emotions as Vesper was essentially buried alive. Mark gave them a reassuring grin. “The reeds go into the ‘seed’, giving Vesper the air from which to breathe while he sleeps. The soil provides the perfect shelter from the sun and from the eyes of those who hunt him.”

“That is so creepy.” Shivering, Annie said.

Asher could only shake his head as he walked off to sleep. Mark turned towards the service entrance where they had entered. Kate was in front of him in a shot, throwing him a suspicious look. “Where are you going?” Harshly, she demanded.

“I must greet the rising sun.” Simply, Mark replied. “As a plant, I need the sun to sustain me. As a Cherokee, I celebrate the start of a new day.”

Kate blinked at that then slowly moved out of the way and Mark walked out without a word. Once outside, Mark dug his thorn like toes into the ground. As he did, he looked up at the rising sun; softly singing a tune. “We n’ de ya ho. We n’ de ya ho. We n’ de ya ho ho ho ho…”

Not too far away, Mato looked up at the rising sun. He paused, hearing someone singing and spotted Mark singing to the sun several yards away. He grunted, a slight grin forming on his face then turned back to the sun and recited a Navajo morning blessing. Dzi? daDiyingo' niháándasya' nihighan 'át'ée doolee?, nihidooniid. Yá'a?nii'ii k'? diilt?'í, ch'é'étiin hól??? honeeshgish sít'?, hok'é'hazh? kwe'é nitsáhakees hól??? doolee?, nahat'a hól??? doolee? 'iina hól??? doolee?.

Inside, as the others were settling into their morning affairs, Tamil suddenly paused, turning his head towards the service entrance where Mark had walked out moments before. “Why Mark outside singing?” Raising an eyebrow, he asked.

Viva smiled. “He is blessing the morning, asking the spirits to watch over us this day.” Softly, she explained. “At least that is how he explained it to me.”

Tamil smiled, nodding in understanding. He then turned to Michelle. “Will it be fine if I wait for Mato and Mark?” Politely, he asked. “If they have a garden, I can help a lot.”

“That’s fine, Tamil.” Nodding, Michelle said. “The rest of us are going to see what we can do to help out around here.”

Tamil pulled out a reed flute from the folds of his wrappings. He sat down then brought the instrument to his mouth and began to play a haunting tune. Viva beamed upon hearing it and took a reed flute of her own out of a pocket in her dress. She sat down near him and waited for the right moment before jumping in, playing the same tune.

“What are they playing?” Curious, Abraham asked.

Michelle smiled. “It’s a tune Tamil likes to softly play every now and then.” Calmly, she replied. “I’m surprised that little squirt knows it.” She teared up a bit. “He often plays it when he feels lost.”
Abraham placed a gentle hand onto Michelle’s shoulder. “I know.” Whispering, he said. “I miss Solomon too.”

Tamil and Viva continued to play their flutes while Mark and Mato blessed the morning sun. The day was off to a good but bitter sweet start.
Monster Manor Chapter Seven
Finally, chapter seven is finished. I apologize it took me this long to post this. I hope you all enjoy reading it.
Hello, everyone!

Monster Manor has been a thrill and honor to write! I will be typing chapter seven tomorrow and hopefully have it approved and posted no later than Wednesday!

As you all know, this is fan fiction so I really want to get :iconmikaandkuri: to approve of each chapter before I post them. Especially those chapters that involve the Monster Club. There will not be too many more chapters where they meet but I am hoping that they may help each other as the chapters progress.

If you have any ideas to suggest, please feel free to do so.
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From all of your fans and followers on DA

In a spacious dorm room inside Costal Carolina University, two elaborate lamps appeared out of nowhere onto the hardwood floor. A flameless smoke billowed out from one before Amber appeared with Thomas standing at his side. A moment later, flameless smoke poured out of the second lamp and Sapphire appeared with another version of Thomas standing next to her. The two boys were identical; they screamed in surprise as they met each other’s eyes. Amber smiled, as if bemused then turned to the genie, Sapphire. “Greetings, my dear sister; it has been a long time.” Kindly, she said.

“Who is this, Amber?” Startled, Thomas demanded.

Amber giggled. “This is you from another reality.” Calmly, she said. “Our creator has made two versions of our story.”

“You mean like two different versions of our lives?” Curious, the other Thomas asked. “That’s so amazing!” He gulped. “Is our creator G… Go…”

“No, Thomas; our creator is not God.” Kindly, Amber said. “God guides his hand as he writes our stories, our lives as we know them to this day.” She smiled at the two boys. For now, please allow us to call one of you Tom to avoid confusion.”

“Does this please you, master?” Uncertain Sapphire asked.

Thomas, or rather Tom, shrugged. “That’s fine with me.”

“I know I wished to meet our creator.” Wincing, Thomas told Amber. “But I was not expecting this.”

“All of this man’s creations have the same wish, to meet him.” Smiling, Sapphire said. “From I can read on his desk calendar, his birthday is today.”

Tom smiled at Sapphire. “Then let’s all meet our creator with a surprise birthday party!” Inspired, he suggested. “We can all show him how much we really appreciate him!”

“That is a wonderful, beautiful idea, Master!” Happily, Sapphire said. “You are so wise!” She smiled. “We could summon all of his creations here and prepare the best party he has ever had!”

“I agree!” Nodding, Amber said. “Only we will first have to grant three wishes to make this a reality for our creator.” She turned to Thomas. “Do you wish this to occur, master?”

Thomas nodded. “Let’s do it!”

Amber nodded then turned to Sapphire who nodded, smiling; knowing exactly what her sister had in mind. There was a flash and a puff of smoke before the dorm room instantly transformed into a luxurious two floor suite with several times the room. There was a full kitchen ready to make the perfect birthday feast, a sauna style bathroom to help their creator relax afterwards, a bedroom fit for a king, and an entertainment center that would make any super bowl enthusiast absolutely green with envy.

“The first wish has been granted.” Grinning, Sapphire said. “His dorm room is now large enough to accommodate all of his story creations for his surprise birthday party.”

“How did you do that?” Worried, Thomas asked. “Don’t you think anyone will notice that the creator’s room is much larger now?”

“Do you remember how huge it was inside my lamp when I brought you here, master?” Kindly, Amber inquired. Thomas nodded. “Same concept; no one will notice anything amiss.”

“For the second wish, we will need to bring all of his creations here for the party so they can help us prepare for the party.” Smiling, Sapphire said. She turned to Thomas. “Of course, we will need them to be calm in the presence of each other.”

“You are learning, dear sister.” With a hint of pride, Amber said. “Unless all of his creations are calm in each other’s presence, their first meeting will be a disaster.”

Sapphire nodded then turned to Tom. “With your permission, master, we shall make this so.”

Tom smiled. “Make it so.”

Sapphire giggled then turned to Amber who returned her smile. Again, there was a bright flash and a puff of smoke before the room was filled with several people from all walks of life. They each wore a name tag that stated who they were and which story they came from. All of them were understandably surprised to suddenly find themselves in a strange room. They were even more surprised to see each other. It was only through the power of the two genies that none of them panicked or became concerned in the presence of the others. They began to talk with each other, all wondering what had happened and why they were all summoned together. Amber and Sapphire called for their attention and room fell silent.

“We all exist because of our creator.” Loudly but clearly, Amber announced. “My sister and I have summoned you here in hopes you will help us throw our creator a surprise birthday party.”

“None of you will remember any of this upon returning to your own worlds other than in a dream.” Chiming in, Sapphire announced. “It is for the best that we do this.” She paused, seeing various reactions then added. “No one will think differently of you if you wish to return to your world but we ask that you help us throw our creator one birthday party.”

At first, the guests’ reactions suggested nothing but, to the sisters’ surprise and delight, they all agreed to stay and help throw the party.

“I know how to prepare a few tasty dishes from my world.” Shyly, Claire from submerged offered.

“You will find everything you need to make those dishes in the kitchen, Claire.” Smiling, Amber said. “I am certain our creator will enjoy them.”

“We could perform a dance and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for our creator.” Smiling, Leote from Native American dancing girls said. She giggled. “It will be a great way to start the celebration!”

The two other girls with her giggled with excitement and voiced their approval. Amber giggled with them. “I like this idea.” Pleased, she said. “I am certain he will enjoy it!”

“Logan and I can help hang up the decorations.” Raising one of her four arms, Jenna from helping hands offered.”

“I can help with that too.” Stepping forward, Sarah from monster club stated. She smiled at Jenna. “You are not the only one with several limbs.”

Jenna laughed before nodding. She did not know why she was not frightened out of her mind but she did not dwell on it either. “I welcome the assistance.” Kindly, she said.

“Eve and I will help in the kitchen.” Offering, Christian from I live with a witch said. “I’m an okay cook and Eve can make a great brew broth.”

Many of the other guests offered their help where they could be of use and preparations were made to throw their creator a grand surprise birthday party. Within a few short hours, the entire luxurious suite was beautifully decorated with banners, ribbons, and intricate spider webs that shinned like diamonds under the many lights. Sarah smiled, quite proud of her work; hoping her creator would like them. In the kitchen, Annie from monster club walked up to Eve. “I am a witch too.” Shyly, she said. “Maybe I can help?”

Eve smiled. “Sure!” Kindly, she said. “I’m creating a sparkling brew for everyone to drink and enjoy!”

Annie beamed. “My mom taught me how to make a good brew.” Happily, she said. She relayed what the brew was and Eve smiled.

“That is what I am making!” Pleased, she said. “I welcome the help, Annie!”

“I will be on the lookout for party crashers!” Bravely, The Fiery Gale announced. “For love and justice, I will defend this party to make it the best one ever for our creator!”

Maoko grinned. “I have a better idea.” Kindly, she said. “Be on the lookout for our creator; alert us quietly when you see him approaching his dorm room.”

The burning gale swished her fan in the air, transforming back into Marcus who placed the fan in his back pocket. “I’ll do my best, Maoko.” Smiling, he said.

Soon, everything was ready. A feast fit for a king had been prepared for their creator. There was a full cauldron of sparking brew in the center of a long C shaped table. On it were various tasty dishes from dozens of separate worlds. Behind a curtain, the Native American dancing girls waited for their cue while Marcus kept a lookout in the hall outside of the room. Upon seeing his creator coming, he softly knocked three times and the door was opened for him to slip inside…

Cliff sighed as he pushed the key into the lock of this dorm room door. He was finally finished for the day. Only as he opened the door, the lights came on and everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

Hearing their cue, the curtains parted and the Native American dancing girls came out dancing in traditional Native American garb singing happy birthday. They did so in a true Native American style.

Cliff jumped, surprised. It was not every day that all of your story creations come to life just to throw you a surprise birthday party. Still, he somehow felt calm rather than frightened and smiled at the new size of his dorm. All of his creations wished him a happy birthday and offered a sample of a dish from their world and of the sparkling brew. A good time was had by all. At the end of the party, all of Cliff’s creations returned to their own world and his dorm returned to normal. However, it was one party he would not soon forget.


“Wait a minute!!” Confused, Sapphire yelled. “What was the third wish we were to grant our master?!”

Amber smiled. “Why his presents from several of his watchers, followers, and fans.” Motioning to the large pile of gifts, Amber said. “I wonder which one he will open first…”

Happy Birthday, Cliff! We all hope this will bring you the party you always dreamed of, at least in spirit!
Surprise Birthday Party
A little surprise party for Cliff whom many of us very much like and appreciate! Happy Birthday!
:iconmikaandkuri: has tagged me and I am happy to oblige so here we go...

1. As a child I always wanted to become...
Tarzan. Yes, that's right, I wanted to be the Lord of the Apes. It seems so silly to me now but that is the truth. He was wild and energetic, following his own rules and helping anyone he could.

2. My favorite color...
I love earth tone colors; black is my favorite.

3. My favorite animal...
Cat. I grew up with them so I can't imagine being without one.

4. The one thing people should get straight about me...
I have various interests but that does not mean I am obsessed about any one of them. I have had people asking me to join forum groups with a single interest or focus, that is simply not me. I prefer a wide variety.

5. What I secretly do when no one is around...
I draw, or try to. I am terrible at free hand drawing but I try. I hope that with practice, I may be able to post something that is not made with a program helping me along.

6. I would change this about myself...
I would make myself less emotional, less excitable. I get it from my mother and she from hers. It has cost me many sleepless nights and heightened my already high blood pressure.

7. My greatest fear...
Not being there when my family needs me.

8. The one thing I want to say to the world.
Wake up!! We are all literally fighting each other at the drop of a hat! Are we going forwards or backwards?!

9. What breaks my heart...
Seeing a talent going to waste. Whether is be a writer or an artist. I know a number of both who can really make a name for themselves by merely taking a chance. I'll give you an example: J.K. Rowlings was almost homeless when she wrote the first Harry Potter book. Now, she is more rich than the Queen of England. All it takes is for one to take that first step.

10. What lifts my spirit:
Seeing a sight that takes my breath away. Like a field viewed from a high cliff with thunder clouds in the distance or a rainbow after a large storm or a glorious sunrise after a dark lonely night.

11. The person who inspired me the most.
My father. Although we did not see eye to eye most of the time, he made me think, made me figure things out rather than just show me how to do it. I am a hands on learner; he knew this and helped me in that way.

12. The one thing I want to tell the people who seem to hate me.
There is enough hatred in this world to last forever, why add to it? If you do not like me for whatever reason, just walk away. Making a conflict only wastes your time and mine; both are precious as we only live for so long.

13. What keeps me going.
We have all asked ourselves that question at least once in our lives. This is my answer: Family who depends upon me, friends who rely on me and I rely upon them, the prospect of a brighter day tomorrow.

I tag:

:iconcutepoochyena261: :iconnahemii: :icontheburningspirit:
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Hello, everyone!

Monster Manor has been a thrill and honor to write! I will be typing chapter seven tomorrow and hopefully have it approved and posted no later than Wednesday!

As you all know, this is fan fiction so I really want to get :iconmikaandkuri: to approve of each chapter before I post them. Especially those chapters that involve the Monster Club. There will not be too many more chapters where they meet but I am hoping that they may help each other as the chapters progress.

If you have any ideas to suggest, please feel free to do so.
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United States
I am a child at heart who reads and writes for fun. Images give me ideas for future stories, posted on
Here is the link to my works.…

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I have no email or phone, only DA.
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